These days it’s so easy to get caught up with technology. Like, I pick up my phone to set a reminder and the next thing I know.. it’s 30 minutes later, I’ve checked and rechecked my social media feed, liked, hearted, and commented, and totally forgotten why I picked up the phone in the first place. That ever happen to you as well? It’s annoying, really. And frankly, quite disturbing too.

That is one of the reasons why I’m trying to embrace the beauty of an offline planner–that is, one that is not on my phone or computer. In other words, my 2017 Bullet Journal. For something I have yet to actually use in a coupla weeks’ time, I think I’ve posted enough about it already. ✌ Sorry, low-key obsessed. ?

Speaking of which, my pen collection has grown almost exponentially from when I started planning my BuJo. From just the green metallic pen in addition to the free Starbucks erasable pen, I now have more than a dozen of differing colors and styles. Check them out:

colored pens

To be fair, the black pen (second from the left) is my work pen. Though that’s kinda cancelled out by the fact that there’s one missing pen which I left at the office (and that’s my favorite too ?), the gold Stardust Gelly Roll pen. Still, I consider all these a bit excessive already, even if I’ll be using those pens for art practice as well.

So, art practice. Because one of the things I want to learn this coming year is calligraphy. Something of a challenge because (1) I am a bona fide leftie and (2) I hardly ever write in cursive. In fact, the last time I remember using cursive regularly was in fifth or sixth grade. I used my neat (and they say computer-like) printed penmanship starting high school up to now. And now, from that, I want to branch out into stylized lettering.

calligraphy pads

As a proof of commitment to that, I went ahead and bought those calligraphy pads. And on the cover of the black one is my feeble attempt at doing my name in a sorta lopsided stylized cursive. ? I obviously need a lot of practice.


Another thing I’m gonna do the analog way is manage my finances. That is, using the old-fashioned envelop system. I bought a pack of thick brown coin envelops especially for this purpose. And used the new pens to label them of course. ?

The red Stardust pen I used for the 52-week Money Challenge envelop didn’t quite show up well on the photo, unlike the blue one I used for the two of Francine’s envelops. Oh well.

How about you, do you do planners and/or analog planning systems too? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Analog Year

  1. Wow! I was just doing the same thing last night! Hehehe. Still can’t figure out how to do the budgeting, tho. Does envelop system work for you dre? I need help! HAHA.

    1. Uhm, ngayon ko pa lang sisimulan eh.. haha. But I’m also working on something else for this purpose, para dun sa BuJo. Kind of like a savings tracker. Just still ironing out the little details para mapost ko dito. 😉

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