So yes, you could say that I am officially addicted to bullet journaling. That is why I made a separate BuJo for work. ?

Only this time, instead of going all fancy and everything, I chose to go down the opposite path. For starters, the notebook I used was just an old notebook I found lying around the house, a giveaway of some sort apparently.

work BuJo

Can’t get any less fancy than that, eh? ? The only other materials I use are a plain black ballpen, correction tape and whichever highlighter is within reach. Oh, and a green metallic pen for some accents, but which I don’t plan on using again because of bleeding in the other side. And, that’s pretty much it.

work bullet journal key

work bullet journal future log

work bullet journal monthly log

work bullet journal daily log

As you can see, it’s pretty bare-bones and as simple a bullet journal as you could get. I have an Index in there too, but seeing as it’s still empty since I haven’t even put in page numbers yet, I skipped taking a photo. Also, you’ll notice I didn’t do any weekly spread or layout since rapid-logging suffices for the BuJo’s intended use.

The Future Log is where I put in any relevant info that I might need to prepare for. I use the Monthly Log mostly to track the boss’s travel details. My favorite is the Daily Log since I love being able to take note of the small things I usually tend to forget, like phone call details and new stuff I learn through the course of the day.

With this BuJo in hand, I feel more in control and organized at work. I can totally see myself keeping this up for at least a while. Here’s to hoping for a more productive year with this! ?

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