Please bear with me here when you find out that I already have a milestone for my 2017 BuJo I have yet to actually use. ✌ But this is just too exciting for me!

So I mentioned earlier that one of the things I want to learn in 2017 is calligraphy and as early now, I am already trying and practicing. Now, I am not one to follow rigid rules and structures so what I’m actually doing is faux calligraphy or simply fauxlligraphy. This is my second day of practice and though I still have loads to learn, I more or less already like the looks of my lettering. Definitely needs more finesse and polish, but the idea of how I want my words to look is slowly taking place there.

So, excited person that I am, I took the plunge and made my first stylized text on my BuJo using permanent ink. That is, I didn’t use the erasable pen, but my mere-hours-old, fine-point fountain pen. How’s that for a deep dive? ?

And there it is! ? Just two simple words; not exactly life-changing (okay, maybe just a little bit for me), and kinda anti-climactic considering my build-up of excitement. #sorrynotsorry. Not quite as fancy I would have hoped for, but definitely not as bad as I feared.

coffee siggy

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