Now, this was a little late in coming, what with almost a quarter of the year almost done. But the thing is, it took a while for anything concrete to materialize as an underlying theme to guide my endeavors for the coming year months. But something finally popped up, all thanks to Will Traynor:

…live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride.

That book has affected even more than I first realized. Suddenly, I found myself giving in more to impulses and whims, reasoning out that I need to live in the moment just a little more. A little more and a little bit more, until I noticed that I don’t seem to be myself anymore. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’d like to think I evolved and became a bigger-thinking, better version of me.

For all my talk of being my own weird individual person, it seems only now that I actually start doing things I want to do instead of just mooning over them. YOLO and all that shit, mostly because of the feels from that darned book. Because truly, life can be amazing if I have the balls to make it so. So I try. Speaking of amazing things…

little 2016 planners.jpg

I saw this black and pink planner earlier and I just could not resist because of the message on its cover: Make Today Amazing. And isn’t that what I’ve been raring to do with my life lately? From getting stuff done to making my days amazing, it seemed to be destined for me to find it at this time. And yes, it was the last stock on display too. 😉

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