Just, live.


My rating: ★★★★★

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on this. Absolutely nothing, I tell you. It’s poignant and tragic and all sorts of heart-breaking and PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE A HEART CONDITION. It just might be the end of you. Unless you have a malfunctioning heart made of stone.

If ever someone recommends this to you as a feel-good love story, smack that person and unfriend as soon as possible. This is a love story and yes it has plenty of butterflies-in-the-stomach feels, but ultimately, it is a justified tragedy. Tragedy in the sense of star-crossed lovers, and yet justified by the simple logic of why they must be so.

You will laugh, cry, smile, get angry while reading this book. It was written with so much heart, you’d have to be positively heartless not to get affected even just a bit. Oh, and do keep a box of tissues within reach. Cup of coffee optional–and I don’t say that lightly, given my caffeine addiction.

Just, read.

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