Coincidentally, the post title is also the title of the FB album where I post my baked goodies (or baddies, depending upon the outcome). 😉

Anywho. Ever since we bought that oven a coupla weeks ago, I have been a hairsbreadth short of obsessed over baking. As proof, here is Exhibit A:


Baking is not exactly easy–it is even tedious at times–though I find it kinda therapeutic in its own way, like escaping to my own tiny world as I focus on the ingredients and the recipe. Even just completing the ingredients can sometimes be daunting (especially for a lazy girl like me). I mean, measuring the flour doesn’t mean just scooping a handful into the measuring cup and then dumping it into the mixing bowl. No, because I am OC like that, I sift the flour each and every time I bake, even when the recipe doesn’t call for sifting. Sometimes I let my daughter beat the eggs, if she’s in the mood to help me. Or maybe stir the batter, or grease the baking pan. Depends on her mood and how badly I need the help/distraction. 😉

So far, everything I’ve baked turned out edible and had no casualties. Even if the baked goodies sometimes don’t look good or appetizing, the taste somehow still manages to redeem them from being thrown in with the trash. It doesn’t really help that I usually substitute one ingredient for another when baking. Case in point, butter. The stuff is not exactly cheap and there’s always margarine at home, so… you get the drift. 😛 Also, sugar. I mean, there’s only one kind in the house (light brown, washed) so whatever type of sugar was called for in the recipe (granulated, or brown), I just use what’s available anyway.

Which reminds me: I just baked my first “own” recipe last night. I called it Double Chocolate Softie Cookies because it was loosely based on the recipe for soft chocolate chip cookies (think Keebler Soft-Batch Cookies). And wouldn’t you know it, they turned out quite lovely! I thought I would cry when I saw them come out of the oven. And when I finally tasted a cookie.. it was all nice and soft and chocolatey just like I intended it to be, if a bit sweeter than I wanted despite the lesser amount of sugar I used. Oh well. There’s a lesson for next time, but still..

imageCookies, dude, cooooooookies!!!

Already, I have a coupla tweaks in mind to make it even better the next time I make them–that is, less sweet but more chocolatey. This is totally not for someone on a diet (uhm, me?).

I have a lot more to learn and there are hundreds of things more I want to learn to bake, but I’ll take it one step at a time. 🙂

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  1. I’m envious! Tried to get into baking this month. Bought whatever is basically needed and tried to bake cookies. They turned cakey. I also tried to make cream cheese frosting but turned soggy haha! There’s so much to learn to achieve what’s standard in baking :/

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