Being the land of kapeng barako and all, there is no shortage of cafés and coffee shops all over Batangas. And while I am admittedly and certifiably caffeine-addicted, even I have not tried them all. What with new ones opening up here and there like those burger joints, my system and wallet could only take so much. Still, trying them all out at least once is an on-going project of mine. I mean, that’s coffee, dude. Coffee.  My addiction, lifeblood and all.

But enough chit-chat. Eschewing the ubiquitous commercial coffee shops (Starbucks and the like), here are three of my favorites (you may click on the coffee shop names to get redirected to their official web or Facebook page):

Jovita Cafe

(Diversion Road, Sta. Clara, Batangas City)

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Carbonara Pasta with Grilled Chicken

My good friend Bonzai has a pretty comprehensive blog post about this lovely cafe. And because I am feeling too lazy right now to write a full blog post myself, just read her post here. 😀 Long story short, this is a spacious and cozy cafe tucked just out of the busy part of the city, serving up your usual caffeine-loaded drinks plus some yummy pasta, bread and pastries. I personally recommend the Bolognese Pasta with Sausage and the Carbonara Pasta with Grilled Chicken (both P140). A single pasta serving can even be shared by two if both are not too hungry. I know I can only finish a serving if I’m hungry, and to think I love their pasta. 😉

Cafe St. Honore

(National Road [beside Phoenix gas station] Brgy. Balagtas, Batangas City)

2015-05-29-09-30-41_deco 060215 tiramisu cheesacake 2015-05-29-09-13-17_deco 2015-05-28-23-55-18_deco 2015-05-28-23-47-28_deco
St. Honore Beef Burger

Opened just earlier this month, this charming cafe belongs to an elementary/high school classmate and her husband. What’s cool is that the couple themselves prepare the food, Mara on the cakes and pastries while her husband does the meals (sandwiches, pasta, seafood and meat dishes). My absolute favorite thing on their menu is the Tiramisu Cheesacake. Seriously a winner–all light and creamy and fluffy goodness at only P45 per slice. What’s not to love? I had two slices the first time I tried it–and that was after the filling Rueben sandwich (P120 with fries) I had. I was supposed to try the other cheesecakes, but when I tasted this, I ended up having another slice. It was just thaaat good. 😀 Their burger’s worth mentioning too, with its thick and tasty patty inside a sorta crunchy-top bun. It costs P165 and comes with fries.

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

(149 Yakal Street Villa Lourdes Subd. Purok 5 Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas)

041915 DACC 041915 mocha 041915 giant mocha 041915 baked mac 041915 chillin at DACC 041915 retro kid
humongous mugs of hot drinks

I’ve posted about this hip coffee shop before (you may read it here). Its chill ambience, great coffee, and yummy food are sure to please your inner indie. This is a place not just for eating, but for making personal connections. There’s no WiFi to keep you glued to your smartphone’s screen updating your social media accounts or playing CoC. There are books and magazines, and papers and writing/coloring materials to keep you busy while waiting for your order. Or if all else fails, you can always talk up a storm with your companions. 😛 There’s just something really comforting about hearing rich laughter while sipping good coffee.. 🙂

coffee siggy

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  1. Really cool to see local coffee shops to be featured online 🙂 Lookong forward to trying ’em all out soon! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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