Like I said before, there’s an overabundance of burger joints popping up all over Batangas. Most, I stumble upon while scrolling my social media feeds. The power of social media in marketing is really amazing, I gotta say. Anywho, while I still haven’t tried the burger that started it all (dammit!), I have so far managed to try some of the newer ones. Do take note that I am mostly carnivorous so I always opt not to put any greens/veggies in all my burgers. And I almost always add extra bacon. 😉

And without further ado, here are the burgers I’ve tried. You may click on the coffee shop names to get redirected to their official web or Facebook page. Aside from the top two, they are arranged in no particular order. First up, of course, is…

Patty Batangas

(P. Herrera St., Batangas City)

Out of all the burgers I have tried, this still remains in my top spot. Its patty’s distinct smoky flavor is its edge over the other burgers I’ve tried. This is one of the burger places which is not located in the owner’s garage (though it used to before they moved). Being a registered business, it has fixed operating hours so there’s no nasty surprise going there during business hours only to find the place closed (happened with a couple others, which is so infuriating). This is pretty popular, so expect to find the place packed after work hours. 😉

Brocks Burger

(CNM Bldg., Ilustre Avenue, Lemery, Batangas)

This is admittedly not the most appetizing shot of the burger (my bad, I was in a hurry to take pictures because I was really hungry then), but trust me, it tastes waaaaay better than it looks here. A relatively new burger joint, like Patty Batangas, it’s located in a commercial space, right in front of Batelec I. The burgers are all named after Pinoy bands, which is cool. Not surprising, since the crew seems to be made up of rockers. 😉 Pictured above is the Razorback meal (P140)–of course, minus all the veggies from the burger (there was supposed be a lot of greens, ewww). So basically that’s just the patty, pepperoni & cheese nuggets, sauce and melted cheese. Doesn’t make it any less of a burger (to me), it’s still pretty tasty and got me totally hooked. I just know I’ll be going back to try the other burgers. 🙂

Jc’s Garage Burger

(0446 National Road Bolbok, Batangas City)

This is the double decker burger meal (P195). No, it’s not a double patty burger. I think the other deck is supposed to be the egg? Anywho, burger meals here seem to be priced a bit more steeply than the others’. To their credit though, their patty is nice and thick and there was quite a lot of those lovely, crispy fries per serving. Oh, and the yummy BBQ sauce too. I just wish it had more bacon. 😛

Zoilo’s Burger and Bagnet

(Along National Hi-way, Alangilan [right beside Camella Homes Batangas], Batangas City)

This is the ZBB Cheezy Bacon Mushroom Meal (P149). As you can see, there’s quite a lot of veggies in there which I quickly removed prior to eating (Mama wanted them veggies so she asked me not to skip them altogether when I ordered). Anywho, their patty is nice and thick too, though just a tiny bit more oily(?) than the others, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I didn’t get hooked like with Brocks, but I am definitely coming back anyway–for the bagnet. Been hearing good feedback about that so I’m definitely gonna try it one of these days.

Burgis San Pascual

(Center Plain Homes Subdvision Poblacion San Pascual, Batangas)

This is the Burgis 1 meal (P120), consisting of the burger with cheese, mojos and drinks. I added extra bacon & mushroom for P25. All in all, not bad. The grilled patty is also thick and tasty. Their special melted cheese seems to have mayo in it, which I’m not really fond of. But that’s just a guess, basing on my sense of taste. Oh, and I would have wanted the bacon cooked crisper. 😉 Burgis is of more affordable price ranges than other others in the vicinity.

Sisters’ Burger

(#22 Buenafe St., Brgy. 20 Pob., Batangas City)

This is actually the very first of the homemade burgers that I tried. Not surprising since it’s located right behind my workplace. 😛 The cook/owner is really nice and friendly, and very machika; my companions and I ended up in a gabfest with her when we discovered we had mutual acquaintances. 😀 Anywho, my meal is the one at the bottom, with the cheezy bacon mushroom melt burger (P160). I forgot to tell them to hold the veggies. The tasty patty is literally 1/3 lb., quite heavy, and I wasn’t able to finish the whole burger even if I was hungry. Oh, and they have unlimited iced tea, served on cute mason jars. 🙂

So there you have it. Six of the many, many burger places around Batangas. 😀 There’s plenty more to try, and hopefully I can do a Part 2 of this post soonest. Wish me, my wallet and my waistline a lot of luck! 😛
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