So yesterday was a holiday and I was able to sleep my ass off almost all day. 😀 That, in between taking care or playing with the little girl. I just gotta say, she really amazes me with her physical growth. I mean, she’s just two years old but she’s already up to my waist in height. Not that I am all that tall for that to be a huge deal, but I am of average height so it counts for something at least. 😉

I am still withholding her iPod, so she found another gadget to play with yesterday:

little photographer

Yup, that’s my DSLR she’s holding. Look at her concentrating on the camera. It’s as if she really knows what she’s doing. 😛 One of these days I might post some photos she took using that camera. 🙂 And because I’m so amused at her using the camera, here’s another, more classic shot of her with the camera:

photo frameI wonder where I could find a real frame like just this. Any ideas?

Anywho, I made homemade burgers for our afternoon snacks as per Mama’s request. I used ground pork instead of beef for the patties, since that’s what was available. Truth is I really have no idea what went into regular burger patties so I just played it by the ear and used whatever was on hand. I ended up just adding grated cheese (lots and lots of it!), salt, pepper, vetsin and a large egg. I wanted to add a little bit of flour as a binder of sorts but there was none to be had, so, tough. Thankfully, the patties didn’t fall apart (except for one which I accidentally split into two while turning). Here’s a photo I took while waiting for them to get done cooking:

burger pattiesAs you can see, I cooked the patties on a non-stick pan in an attempt to make it a bit more healthy due to less fats from oil. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Francine ended up eating just the patties, totally ignoring the bun. 😛

I gotta say I love vacations, even just a one-day-in-the-middle-of-the-work-week holiday like yesterday. 🙂 How about you, how did you spend your holiday?




8 thoughts on “One-day vacation

    1. You’ll not want to go to work at all sis.. I know I don’t! 😉 Doesn’t really help when some mornings she wakes up early enough to catch me leaving and in this authoritative voice command me, “Higa Mommy!” 😀 Of course, Mommy would comply. I don’t really have a choice, do I? Kaya naman palagi na lang late sa work eh. But she’s so totally worth it! 🙂

  1. Wish I can blog about my one-day vacay too but it’s a little personal not to mention boring to read. Glad you had a good one though 🙂 The best part of my day was the go signal I got from my OB to get preggers despite my other health conditions so I guess I still got something to celebrate there 🙂

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