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Yeah, underneath all that hair, I am wearing a bikini top. ;p

This would sound contradictory to my previous post, but truth is I actually don’t mind wearing a bikini (well, a bikini top and shorts anyway) so much. It’s just the *audience* and environment that really bothers me.

It’s no secret that I lost weight, from about 51~52 kg. down to 47~48 kg. It’s not much, but I’m proud of it just the same since losing weight is such a struggle. I love eating, hate dieting and hardly exercise so go figure. Badminton was a BIG help and I am ever thankful to the addicts here at work who got me hooked up on the game.

Anywho, I am getting carried away here. The point is, I worked hard to trim my flabs and everything just so I could have a body I would not be ashamed to let other people see. That is not to say that I am showing it off because I most definitely am NOT. Like, if my shirt hem accidentally goes up, I want just my tummy and nothing more (flabs in other words) to show. It’s really hard to explain but you do get my drift, right?

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