this is NOT what you'll be seeing of me

I was chosen–well, forced against my will, more like–to join the summer pageant for our company outing. Damn, they really must be desperate enough to pick me with all my flaws and imperfections. But yeah, it is an honor to be deemed worthy to parade in swim wear (or a bikini top and short-shorts, as they were forced to concede) in front of people. However, I firmly believe that it oughtta be MY choice whether I want to join or not. And I don’t. Parading in skimpy swim wear in front of random people at a beach full of even more scantily-clad people is one thing, it is quite a different matter altogether donning the same garment in front of people you see at work every single friggin’ day. Goodness gracious.

And so I have decided to just nix the pageant altogether. I will go to the company outing, but I will not be getting up on the stage (or whatever the hell they put up) and flaunt my wares for all to see. Fickle and moody that I am, I may still change my mind about the whole she-bang though. Might be able to think up of a creative way to have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. But for now, I really am just goddamn pissed off.

3 thoughts on “I really oughtta be flattered..

  1. Wow nath! Bago to ah! Pero technically pede ka namang sumali dun, achieve na achieve! hehehe!
    Yung pamimilit lang ang medyo di maganda. Whatever happens, goodluck! photo op yan! parang nag-cocosplay ka lang. 😀
    God bless!

    1. Technically, pwede naman nga since I am single and I am female (qualififcations kasi yun). But the thing is I don’t want to. Pwede din pala, naka-blindfold ang lahat ng audience pati judges. XD

      Or somebody get me a rash guard or wet suit. Hehe.

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