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Newly-born Adult

July 28, 2020

Back in elementary, I was usually one of the smallest and thinnest girls in class. By puberty and through adulthood though, the few extra inches of height (and waist) deemed me within the normal or average. I was neither the smallest nor the biggest anywhere; I was just about right, if you will.

Then I came here to the US. My height did not change (though my weight did fluctuate a little), but I suddenly felt small and even delicate😅 Like, even the Small-sized clothes here fit awkwardly on my short frame. When looking for pants or dresses, I now have to consider the length, something which I have never really done before. Now my new clothes have “allowances for growth” just like a freakin’ kid’s. Oh, and yes, even the kid-sized shoes here fit me. 🤣

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