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Semi-impromptu family outing

July 5, 2011

So last Sunday, our [extended] family went swimming at Villa Ronar Garden Resort & Hotel. A kinda impromptu affair since it wasn’t really planned. I mean, we were just talking about it Saturday night during dinner and no one was really sure if it would push through, but it actually did. Mostly because of the kids who (naturally) got very excited at the prospect of swimming–I guess the oldies didn’t have the heart to dampen their spirits, even when our original destination turned out unavailable on Sunday morning so we ended up at Villa Ronar.

Anywho, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking (click on the pictures to view them on a larger scale):

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Project 365

Day 32: Food envy

June 4, 2011

Had a small salu-salo here at home earlier, just because. Cousins and kids all here, quite a riot. Can’t help noticing Aiah (the girl in the picture) since she’s so magana kumain. Nothing new there. Was with her during lunch too, and boy, that girl can really eat. In this instance I kinda envied her since she could eat what she wants as much as she wants. So not like me, what with my strict diet and all. 😐 I miss eating well.


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Borrowed Happiness

August 8, 2010

Like I said in one of my previous posts, happiness belongs to kids. Growing up, growing older, they take a big toll on our outlooks. We may say we are becoming wiser, more mature, but in reality we’re just getting more cautious, more jaded, more cynical. Sad but true. Pure, unadultered happiness is but a pipe dream. Only snatches are possible. Pieces and fragments like sunshine reflected off the shards of a broken mirror. Only teasing the senses. But never quite filling the hunger.

The only thing that’s real is pain.

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