Francine's FOTD: Chic and Ladylike

Black studded halter top
White jeans
Black & gold gladiator sandals
White butterfly clamps

Doesn’t she look so grown up here? 🙂 *proud Mommy moment* This is what Francine wore last Sunday to Easter Mass. We visited several churches–kinda like Visita Iglesia but only after Holy Week–but attended Mass only at St. Benedict Monastery, where these photos were taken.

Would you believe her cute top cost just P50? 😀 I got it from a stall at the local mall just last week. For its price, the quality is actually not bad. At least, it did not disintegrate or come undone when I washed it. 😛

The jeans are from her closet–it almost didn’t fit. Same with the sandals. She grows up so fast! 😀

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