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CML Beach Resort & Water Park

March 12, 2014

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. Picture-heavy. Please see the Update below for contact info and rates.

CML Beach Resort & Water Park is a new resort in Nonong Casto, Lemery, Batangas. We found out about it through friends of friends on the morning of its grand opening last March 8. As an opening promo, there was a 50% discount for entrance and accommodations that day so we quickly made plans to go that afternoon.

When we got there, we thought we wouldn’t be able to get in because the place was packed. Like, the parking lot was literally overflowing with vehicles and there were a lot more parked on the narrow street. Still, we were already there so we decided to go ahead and at the very least inquire about the place anyway. Luckily, though all room accommodations were full, several cabanas were still available. Just about perfect since we weren’t planning to spend the night anyway. The cabana rental costs P1,000 but since there was a promo discount, we got it for just P500. Regular entrance is P250 for adults and P150 for kids. We got discounts for our entrance fees too, and they even let the two kids in for free. Sweet. 🙂

The Mass was ongoing when we got there. The friendly reception staff told us that bringing in food was not allowed, but that there would be a free pica-pica later because of the ribbon-cutting ceremony and programs. When we got there, there were already several buffet and beverage tables set up all over the place.

It was interesting to note that in that buffet table where we got our food, the servers would only give out a piece each of each type of hors d’oeuvre. My parents got their food from another buffet table but they said the servers were more generous. In the end, it didn’t really matter since the food was practically unlimited and you could go back for seconds (or thirds or even fourths) anyway.

There were three rows of cabanas near the beach. Each cabana can accommodate 10 persons according to the reception staff, but I think only around 6-7 could comfortably fit.

Now, the highlight of the post: the water park. The pool has two levels. The shallow part near the mushroom thingie is around 3 ft. deep. Francine (my 2-year-old daughter) can stand on the bottom; the water goes up to her chin. The deeper part near the slide is around 5 ft. deep. I could reach the bottom but I have to stand on tiptoe to keep my head above the water. There’s an infinity pool near the beach, but I wasn’t able to take pictures since the program was held beside it and there were too many people in the way.

The main attraction is of course the huge slide. The lifeguard(?) at the top gave instructions to those going down the slide. I only got to try it once after I snuck off (after Francine was bathed and clothed since she wants to go too). I think it was because of the fabric of my board shorts, but it was pretty slow going down the slide. Well, just right if you’re not an adrenaline junkie anyway.

All in all, we enjoyed our unang hirit sa tig-init at CML Beach Resort & Water Park, Francine most of all. Just for that, it was well worth what we paid for, discount notwithstanding. 🙂 Will probably go again when we want a quick dip nearby.

Update (04.14.14):
I would like to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with the resort nor its management. This is an independent review, and I was in no way compensated for this. But due to the number of inquiries about the resort’s contact info and rates, I am posting the latest rates (as of the moment) from their official Facebook page here:

0414 CML rates


  1. Wow! There’s a new resort in Lemery! I must tell my relatives so that the next time we go home to Batangas to visit my grandma, we can have someplace new to chill out in. 😀

  2. Unang hirit it is! Your post is very timely, hubby and I were planning on going to Puerto Galera, but we had a traumatic experience going there so we’re having second thoughts. This will be on my beach list this summer.

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