Vampire Academy Movie posterVampire Academy: Blood Sisters – ★★★★☆

And so I was able to watch Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters last night! 😀 Just a quick observation but there was practically no queue to see the movie as opposed to Starting Over Again (which was on the opposite cinema) whose line reached way past a couple stores. But I digress.

I am no film critic and I do not know the first thing about cinematography or such. Bottomline, I judge movies based on entertainment value. That is, how it actually managed to entertain and get a reaction from me. BUT. I do know and love the book it was based on, even if it’s been some time since I read it so some details are now kinda fuzzy for me. That actually works to the movie’s advantage since I am usually a stickler for book details on movie adaptations. 😛

So where do I begin? Let’s see, what did I like about the movie?

  • The movie mostly stuck to the book’s original plot so props for that.
  • Zoey Deutch was just as snarky the original Rose Hathaway in the book. And really pretty as well, though maybe a bit leaner and fairer than I expected. Rose was a half-Turkish dhampir after all, and I pictured her to be a sorta dusky beauty.
  • Lucy Fry made a believable vulnerable Lissa Dragomir despite my initial misgivings about her looking almost tougher than Rose in the movie poster above. I am not quite sure about her accent in the movie though.
  • The physical manifestation of Rose going into Lissa’s mind was pretty cool. I thought she’d just black out or something, but the eyes-turning-golden-but-blind was a nice surprise.

All well and good, but far from perfect. So what did I not like about it?

  • Danila Kozlovsky was okay as Dimitri Belikov but I can’t help wishing he’d been taller. After all, he was described pretty succinctly as being 6’7″ in the book. Oh, and he was a bit too pretty for my taste. I’d expected Dimitri to look totally badass but Danila looked far too smooth and clean-shaven to be the God-like Guardian he’s portraying. Some stubble would have done him loads better, but that’s just me.
  • Sonya Karp has red hair for crying out loud! And she was portrayed as waaaay too crazy in the movie. In the book she was struggling with spirit with a far more restrained manner.
  • I just couldn’t figure out Olga Kurylenko as Headmistress Kirova.
  • Not much of the characters’ introspection came through in the movie, especially for Rose. The result was a kinda inappropriate levity to the movie as a whole, a bit at odds with the heavier feel of the book’s original story.

Still I give it four stars because I was entertained and it managed to make me laugh out loud at some of Rose’s quips despite being in a bad mood before watching the movie. 🙂

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