So, apparently my husband just got fed up with me “interfering” with his show lineups on Hulu and Prime Video.. that he was annoyed enough to buy me a tablet of my own. 🤣 This Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet arrived earlier with my order of panty liners, much to my surprise. 🤭

With the tablet, I also got to share in his Amazon Prime account.. with his credit card details. 😁 And yes, he did give me permission to use it, as long as I don’t max out his card. Which I have no intention of doing anyway; I’m not that kind of wife. But I did tell him I’d get a cover for my new tablet, as we use protective cases for all our gadgets anyway. I wasn’t keen on getting the Amazon case as it was too expensive, so I looked for cheaper alternatives, of which there were plenty. I lucked out with this iXCC Protective Case, which was already cheap to begin with but is also on sale:

iXCC Protective Kindle Fire HD 8 Case

The positive feedback was also a factor why I got this. No use getting a good sale if it’s all wonky and turns out not be a good bargain anyway, right? Might as well get something pricier but better quality otherwise.

Anywho. As a reader, I much prefer reading on my e-ink Kindle Paperwhite. Less distractions and eye-strain and all that. But even I have gotta admit that comic books and graphic novels look soooo much better on a colored tablet screen. 😅 I downloaded some Marvel comics and so far I’m quite enjoying the panel highlight feature.

Between my mobile, e-reader, tablet, our unlimited Gigabit internet, and my calligraphy supplies, I practically have no excuse to get bored now. 😂


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