So my new Docs arrived an hour ago and I am one happy girl! I have always wanted black Docs, but didn’t really want to spend too much. Those things can be hella expensive (especially when you’re unemployed like me right now). But I still looked and looked anyway, and found a cheaper alternative at the kids’ section. 😆 And here they are, my Dr. Martens (Kid’s Collection) Combs! Me and my tiny-ass feet.. 🤣

I opted for the extra tough poly boots instead of the ubiquitous leather ones for comfort. This is gonna be my basic, wear-anywhere, pang-harabas footwear so I wanted comfort right out of the box, no breaking-in necessary. And it doesn’t really hurt (pun intended) that the kid boots have a padded collar and side zippers for added convenience. Also, the ‘adult’ version sells for 80% more than this kid’s version (retail price). So yeah, that’s some not insignificant savings right there. 😁

Excited creature that I am, of course I have already tried wearing my new boots! I used my thickest socks, and laced it up all nice and tight. It was really comfortable and my ginger toes still have plenty of room to wiggle about. I can even run in it if I have mind to, but I only just walked up and down the stairs and around the house. 😅

This is my third pair of Dr. Martens boots, and I may make a collection out of it just yet. 🤩 But that’s for later, since right now I have more shoes than I know what to do with. Also, my husband just saw me looking at more Docs and his voice just about rose an octave when he commented on it. 🤣


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