That photo pretty much sums up my situation right now: me in my comfy pj’s, semi-neglected pedicure and slippers, taking in the cold outside, and straddling the line between light and dark..

So I have been here for a coupla weeks now, stuck at home to avoid getting coronavirus. Thankfully (or not), he is stuck at home as well since his workplace is currently closed. So we’re together pretty much 24/7;  it means we can hug or kiss or goof around whenever we feel like it. So far we’re like a coupla kids playing house. 🤣 It hasn’t driven any of us crazy (or crazier) so I guess that’s a good thing. 😁

Being mostly indoors for any length of time can get boring, even for a self-confessed introvert like me. There’s only so much you can see or do within the four walls around you. But of course, it has its own perks and drawbacks.

What makes me happy (aside from being with him, of course)

For one, it is pretty comfortable inside the house. No matter how cold it gets outside (it is a pretty cold state after all), it’s a constant cozy temperature inside, thanks to central heating. Truthfully though, I don’t mind the cold so much; coming from a tropical country, the cooler climate here is very much welcome. And whenever I need a dose of cool, fresh air, I only need step outside and that’s it. 😁 Speaking of..

blue skies and pine tries

How can you not love this view? 😍 Right now it’s mostly cloudy but when the sun is out, we get beautiful blue skies, fluffy clouds and these greens all around like this. Makes for one hell of a view right from the comfort of home. Not bad at all.

Another thing I love here is the coffee. ☕ I actually brought plenty of my trusty 3-in-1 coffee sachets from the Philippines because I feared I might have to go without if they don’t drink coffee here, but it turns out I needn’t have worried. They have a Keurig coffee machine, and with plenty of different pods (both coffee and tea) to boot. It is easily my favorite thing in the whole house (yes, I love it even more than the comfy bed). 😁


I have yet to find the coffee blend I really like though. As it is, I go for a different one everytime I have coffee. 😅 So far though, I’m liking the Kahlua coffee. But I’ll be looking for mocha-flavored K-cups next time we go to Walmart or Albertsons or Costco. Or maybe just get him to order some online. 😜

On the other hand…

I’ve had my moments of intense boredom, fast and unlimited Wi-Fi notwithstanding. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a very short attention span. I can get all intensely and passionately interested in one thing, and then completely apathetic about it the next week. Or even the next day. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Makes me a very restless person when not otherwise occupied. Poor guy’s borne the brunt of that one time or another, which could be a good or bad thing depending on my mood. On a good day, it just makes me even more makulit: cuddling, pinching his cheeks, gigil with him everywhere. We’d end up in a tickle fight and laughing our asses off. On my not-so-good days, I sink deeper into my dark thoughts and I end up crankier than a starving cat. 😾

In a nutshell

I have so far been adjusting to life nicely. The stay-at-home order turned out in my favor because I get to spend time with him without any outside pressure. I may be kinda bored now, but I know I’ll look back fondly at this time when he goes back to work and I’ll be alone here at home. And even more later, when I start working as well.

Time to get on that elliptical machine.


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