It’s been some time since my last update. Much has happened, not the least of which is my big move from the Philippines to the United States of America. The journey was not without its share of delays and setbacks, but I got here just fine so I guess it all worked out somehow. And just in time too, as the coronavirus disease has borders locking down left and right.

Truth is, up to now it still hasn’t completely sunk in that I am indeed here in the US, that this is now my new reality and new life. It has been a few days, and yet, it has only been a few days. It still feels surreal. Even several humongous cups of coffee later, it somehow still feels like a lucid dream. The feel of him solid and warm beside me feels real enough though. As always, he’s my anchor to reality. 🥰

But as happy as I am to be with him, I am equally sad to be parted from our daughter. 😢 It’s all part of our plan, yes, but it still doesn’t hurt any less to not be there with her as I am used to. That she’s in good hands with my parents are taking care of her, is my only consolation. I am ever so thankful that we now have the technology so we could easily talk across the miles.

Anywho. I will update my K-1 fiance visa timeline later, once I’m a little more settled down.

Keep safe, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Hello America!

  1. Welcome to the US. I am happy you made it Ate. Well, that’s actually never questionable. 😀 Soon, Francine will be there as well, and you’ll be complete. 🙂 I am trying to get to NL as well and get their long term visa, but before that, I need to learn Dutch first and pass the exam. :/

    1. Ooh, that’s kinda tough, needing to learn a new language and having to be tested about it. But I’m 100% sure you can do it. 😊 Best of luck, sis!

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