For the past months, I have not updated this blog as much as I would have wanted–mostly because of the pressure I exert on myself to post something worth reading (not that I have a lot of readers or followers to begin with). And therein lies my weakness.

I started to blog years ago to keep an online repository of my thoughts and ideas. It was, in the purest sense, my online journal. As much as I can, I posted whatever comes to mind with no regards as to who might be reading it. To be fair, back then, blogging was not as popular nor as socialized as it is now. There was no pressure to churn out quality, reader-friendly content.

Under Pressure

As the years went by and I joined different blogging groups, I slowly started to feel that pressure. So what happened was I started blogging about the photos I took, either from my camera or my phone. Of course, I can’t just post the photos as is; post-processing was necessary to ensure optimum visual pleasure. And don’t forget the watermark, lest someone use it without your permission!

And as time went by, the whole process bogged me down and I found myself writing less and less. I still took plenty of pictures, but I no longer felt the motivation to go through the whole process just to come up with a single, media- and SEO-friendly blog post. Until it came to the point wherein my blog went on an unintended hiatus.

I’m going back to the start

It has been my goal for several months now to resuscitate this [almost] dying blog. But I never really found the motivation to actually do so. So this here is me doing my best to eke out enough words to respectably call this a real blog post, not just a basta maka-post filler, sans motivation. I’m just letting my thoughts out while simultaneously trying to make sense of what I’m actually saying. This is me going back to where I started: expressing myself through writing (or typing as is the case).


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