Being a member of the Fountain Pen Network – Philippines group while living in the province has its drawbacks. Foremost is the availability, or lack thereof, of materials. So when news of big sales in the metro abound in the group, I can only stare wistfully at the pictures and wish I was there as well.

When someone posted about the 50% off sale on Noodler’s Ink pens at Scribe, I commented a suntok-sa-buwan plea for someone to buy one for me. Ms. K responded. We then corresponded privately and long story short, she got an Apache Tortoise Konrad for me sent via LBC. ❤️

Then the next week, there was that mad rush for another 50% off sale, for Pilot Vanishing Point pens and Iroshizuku inks. Truth be told, I wasn’t really planning to buy another bottle of ink as I’m still waiting for the arrival of my last ink purchase. But I figured, since I was intending to buy a bottle of Iro sooner or later and here was an opportunity to save a little, I sent out another random plea into the group. Mr. R and Ms. M both responded, but Ms. M was already in the vicinity of an NBS branch, and so she got Asa-gao for me.

There’s something to be said about the group, that there’s this innate trust in fellow members. Especially regarding “pasabuy” purchases. Online purchases are inherently risky, and there’s always the possibility that you might get stiffed by the buyer/seller. In this case, thank you to Ms. K and Ms. M for trusting me enough to buy stuff for me despite not knowing me from the next Juana. Their kindness made this probinsyana girl very happy. 😍

So these were my last pen/ink purchases for 2018, made all the more special by the kindness of those who acquired them for me. ❤️


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