It’s been quite some time since I last posted about my bullet journal. It’s not that I’ve given in to my ningas-kugon tendencies and abandoned it altogether. In fact, contrary to expectations, five months in and I am still using it up to now. This is honestly the longest time I’ve stuck to using a planner of any sort ever. Yay for me!

may bullet journal art

Though I have not been doing any more lettering challenges, I still do some calligraphy in it from time to time. Yes, even if I still have my art journal as well; it just feels right letting out some creative steam here from time to time. But mostly I just write down the usual things to do, some events here and there, and the occasional little things I want to remember.

You may notice that I like to subdivide the blank pages of my bullet journal. I dunno but it just feels somehow wrong to just pile on different stuff without any demarcation between them. Weird, I know. Anywho. It’s kind of forced me to think up of other ways to design borders aside from the usual boring lines. Which is not exactly a bad thing because I am loving these simple designs I came up with. Mint green and gold is starting to become a favorite color combination. ♥

pastel Daiso highlighters

A recent addition to my bullet journal supplies are these cute Daiso highlighters. Truth be told, I didn’t really intend to buy these. I just added them to my Shopee purchases so I could hit the minimum amount for free shipping. 😀 But seeing as I already have them anyway, I decided I might as well use them. So the other day I went on a highlighting spree on my old journal entries. I did not expect that to be so much fun, but it actually was. Surprisingly, my favorite is the mint green one, even if it has the faintest color of the five (or maybe partly because of that).

That’s pretty much it for now. It’s almost June and I don’t have much plans for my bullet journal for that. I don’t think I’ll be doing a lettering challenge either. It’ll probably be mostly like this month’s, though I’m not planning on adding any more BuJo supplies–I think I already have too many! On that note, I might post about them one of these days. Stay tuned! 🙂coffee siggy

1 thought on “Bullet Journal May Update

  1. Love your calligraphy, I wish I was good at it, but I need loads of practice before I can be brave enough to post my work! Haha. BuJo is something I thought would be perfect for me, as I am almost always intimidated by dated planners and disappointed when I cannot fill an entire month’s page. BuJo seems more to my style of not-writing-regularly-but-only-when-the-urge-kicks-in! 😉

    I have hoarded journaling/planning stuff over the summer and I am contemplating on sharing them on my blog, too, for others who are looking for affordable supplies. I hope I get the time to write them before this month ends.

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