I have been regularly using my 2 bullet journals for a little more than 3 weeks now. I started for fun, just to have something ~somewhat~ worthwhile to do during the year and hopefully do a little organization in the process. Then due to necessity, I made a separate journal for work. And I haven’t looked back since. ?

Truth be told, I find the system as a whole more effective when used in the work environment. I mean, I have too little going on in my personal life at the moment to require any hardcore planning. But I must say that lists are dead useful, especially for a scatterbrained person like me.

One instance when it seriously helped was when my daughter had her field trip. As early as last year, I have been making a list of things we’ll be needing. Then the night before, I packed them, crossing things off one by one until everything is well and prepared. I was able to sleep and go on without worrying that I left anything out because dammit, I’ve crossed everything out off the list! ?

BuJo lists help

There’s a couple more lists on the same page, the resto/cafe to try and the shopping list. Taking a page (pun intended) from other bullet journals I’ve seen online, I utilized sticky notes for the shopping list. So I list down stuff we need as it crosses my mind, then take the list off and stick it at the back of my phone when I go to the mall or grocery. Then I just replenish the sticky notes on its placeholder. Pretty nifty. ?

Now, moving on to my work BuJo. While my personal one is a mish-mash of lists, doodles and calligraphy, the other is a just a collection of plain bulleted lists sorted by date. That doesn’t make it any less useful though. On the contrary, it has literally saved my ass at work.

bujo help

See that single unblurred line at the end of the January 20 entries? There was some sort of mix up about that travel and the boss very nearly didn’t have a driver to the airport for his early flight. I only found out when I woke up around lunchtime that day (I usually sleep in during weekends). Long story short, he was able to travel, but obviously someone in the “chain-of-command” made a mistake. And it sure as hell wasn’t me because I know I did my job, and have the crossed out task and sent and time-stamped email to show for it. Lusot. ?

How about you? In what ways does your bullet journal help in your daily life?

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4 thoughts on “How My Bullet Journal Helps Me

  1. Hello Nathalie! Your BuJo looks so nice! Remember I commented on your blog post about SB Planner? I actually got one because a friend gave it for Christmas 🙂 Since it looks so beautiful, I decided to use BuJo system and it works well for me. Too bad I don’t have any calligraphy skills! Haha! Share more BuJo blog posts please! 🙂

    Project Gora

    1. Thank you Milet! ☺ The SB planner looks so pretty, ayt? So much that it seems a waste to not use it indeed. ? I’m glad you decided to BuJo using it as well. If you’re not a member yet, you might want to join Bullet Journaling PH (BuJo PH) group on FB for more BuJo ideas. ?

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