No recipe this time. Too lazy to properly put together one; besides which, this is not exactly one of my most successful experiments. Because yes, each and every batch of goodies (or baddies?) I bake is more or less a test of how much I can deviate from the recipe and still end up with something properly edible. No, seriously.

The cupcake is actually the recipe I used the other night, whose result I pretty much really liked. So I reused it for tonight’s baking session to partner with the chocolate SMBC I was trying to make. Speaking of which, turned out much softer than I would have wanted because the second yolk broke into the whites–I was actually lucky the whites whipped up at all. Still, it wasn’t too bad. The softer texture of the frosting was lighter and kinda cloudlike which I ended up really liking anyway.

Oh, and yeah, that’s my feeble attempt at piping swirls and rosettes. 😛

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