So I started my birthday early, cutting up and packing brownies for the day’s orders. Mama cooked spaghetti, and I brought some to the office to share, along with the choco-cinnamon cake I baked the night before and some leftover red velvet cake in the fridge. Had a relatively uneventful day. Relatives and friends greeted all throughout the day through different media. After work, had dinner at Shakey’s with the family. Claimed my free birthday pizza, got the song-and-dance greeting and a scoop of yummy strawberry ice cream. I didn’t really wish for anything as I blew the candle; I just uttered a simple thanks for what I have right now.


Probably the most remarkable thing is that this is the first birthday wherein I baked my own birthday cakes. Last Sunday, the red velvet cake with cream cheese icing baked with my two best friends during my advanced birthday celebration. Then today’s simple choco-cinnamon cake (the remnants of which is pictured below), which I liked better by the way. This is hopefully the start of my baking career.


And so, that’s it for my low-key 30th birthday.

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