These days I seem to be all about the kitchen, experimenting with whatever ingredients I could find. First, there were hotcakes–plain, with bananas, with Nutella, chocolate, chocolate with bananas, then chocolate with Nutella. I even let my 3-year-old daughter cook and flip smaller pieces one time, though she got bored a little after halfway through the batter.

Then the pasta dishes. Inspired by my boss’s yummy baon that she generously shared one time, I experimented with a similar dish when I got home. I then came up with my own version of simple tuna aglio olio. And in pursuit of more simple pasta dishes, I then stumbled upon my magic carbonara recipe–creamy without cream, cheesy without cheese. I shit you not. You gotta try it to believe it. 😉

The other day, I tried to make dessert in the form of coffee jelly. It was easy enough to make, leaving me wondering why I never made it before given my love for coffee and sweets. Oh well.

And just earlier, my experiment panned out in a pleasantly unexpected way. I was aiming for something like shrimp tempura, but using chicken instead of shrimp. Used Sexy Chix chicken fillet (again), breading and flour, egg white and panko (Japanese bread crumbs), and ended up with chicken nuggets almost exactly like those bought at the grocery. Actually, almost exactly like Purefoods chicken nuggets but with real chicken instead of ground chicken and fillers. Needless to say I was amazed. Sorry, medyo bano. 😛

I want to make a chocolate ref cake in the coming days, but that would have to wait until there’s space enough inside the ref to accommodate the container. Ugh. I have several ideas how I want it to be, but it will ultimately depend on what ingredients I could scrounge up.

I am having fun, but I wonder, how long will this phase last? 😀

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