Week 6 - Colors

Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed: 1/166 seconds
Lens Aperture: f/5.7
Focal Length: 53 mm
ISO Speed: ISO-200
Post-process: Adobe Photoshop CS5

For this week’s challenge, I present Papa’s colorful plastic wind wheel. He got it somewhere along the road from Tagaytay and put it up outside the house where it spins merrily everytime there’s a passing breeze. 🙂

I was shooting partially against the light so I used flash to compensate, and to my delight the glittery texture showed up as well. Even more colors, yey! 😀

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21 thoughts on “Week 6: Colors

    1. Thanks Camille! 🙂 I had to open the shutter as wide as it would go to blur the background a bit. If I had an f/1.8 pens the power lines would have been even less noticeable with the blur. Alas, I only have my somewhat limited kit lens. 😛

  1. I had one too when we went to clark’s kite festival years ago. may you could have taken the pic while it’s spinning, that would have been cool!

  2. I love those! I’ve been looking for those ever since but I never really found out where I can get them… ’til I lost interest cos I moved in a building. Still, I think it would look lovely placed on the windows, eh? haha. I’m sure my kids would love those! Such lovely colours!

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