Francine emote while watching Up

So we spent the whole weekend at home, pretty much just bumming around. I got to hang out, play and watch movies with Francine. Like here in the photo, she’s intently watching Up. And yes, kelangan emote habang nanonood para feel na feel. 😀

Since it was pretty hot, my hair was pretty much just tied up all day with the bun maker I got from Puregold the other week. And when I let it down, I got these gorgeous curls:

bun curls 2

bun curlsAin’t that just nice? 🙂 Planning to do my hair just like this for the upcoming Employees’ Night here at work. But I think I’ll need mousse or some other styling agent to get it to keep the curls for more than an hour. Or would putting it up damp and blow drying do the trick for lasting curliness? Any ideas, girls?

Oh, and I changed my header yet again. Just because I’m fickle like that. And I figured I might as well use a cartoon-ish version of my own camera in the header, make it more realistic and all. Like so:

old & new header

What do you think? Like it, hate it, no difference? Any other bright ideas or suggestions?


17 thoughts on “Lazy weekend at home (and a new blog header image)

  1. Like it? Are you kidding? Love it. It’s more you 🙂
    And about the curls, mousse should work just fine. Then again, I might not be the best person to talk about making curls behave because you know why.. Btw, those are nice curls! Good job with the purchase.

  2. omg i wish my hair looks like that after a high bun! when i remove the bun i imagine it to be like that but in reality after 5 sec sabog sabog na siya lol 😀 do you have natural curly hair? 🙂

  3. wow i like the new layout! and your hair is amazing even if that is by accident haha!
    i think if you will use the handle of a brush (like when you do when you have curling iron) while you blow dry, the curls might hold for the duration of the event 🙂

  4. love the hair Ate Nathalie 😀 <3 and I saw your photos dun sa Prof's night po ba yun? 😀 hihi

    i llike the first one po kasi siguro blue siya and cartooned. 😀 pero either way, looks great 😀

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