Bobbie matte top coatBobbie Matte Top Coat (P34.75) – ★★★★☆

Photo taken with flash. Pardon the messy manicure. I used Etude House Petit Darling Nails in True Black as base color and the matte top coat for all my nails in the photo above except for the ring finger nail (in which I used a regular glossy top coat). You can see the difference, yes? 🙂 I used flash on that picture, but here’s another photo wherein I did not use flash:

matte bronze pedicureBobbie Bronzer (as base color) + Matte Top Coat

As you can see, the finish is not super matte. There is still a slight sheen depending upon the angle and lighting. But I don’t really mind since I’m not persnickity like that. 😛 Then again, I used a shimmery metallic base here so the finish is a perfectly acceptable matte.

There are two ways you can apply this:

  1. Right after putting on your base color polish. Yes, even when it’s still wet. It actually speeds up the drying time a bit–it goes matte in just a few seconds. Just don’t tug on it or the whole thing would come out in clumps.
  2. On top of a finished manicure, glossy top coat and all. Perfect for when you find yourself tired of your polish but too feel to lazy to have a manicure, a quick coat of this gives your nail color a new look and texture.

I have tried applying it using both ways and so far it managed to mattify my regular nail polish both times. It stays matte for about 3 or so days then kinda looses texture after, resulting in a dull finish. Exposure to oil or oily stuff erodes(?) the matte texture faster though. Nothing another coat won’t fix. 😛

All in all, a good bang-for-your-buck addition to your nail polish collection. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Review: Bobbie Matte Top Coat

  1. I really wanted to get my nails colored, but mine grows too fast. I just found that it’s a little tedious to keep painting my nails. I wish I have the same patience, though. 🙂 Love your color!

  2. I discovered that it becomes way more matte if you blow each fingernail after coating-it mattifies after just a couple blows 🙂

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