These are the pictures that so define who I was since my teenage years up to lately when I started to evolve and become kikay. Key elements:

  • long, unkempt hair
  • t-shirt (most often black)
  • jeans
  • bare face
  • sneakers (usually Chucks)

Right now my hair is still sorta unkempt, but quite shorter compared to the pictures above. And I now have bangs (which are getting too long already and are almost always pinned back by a hair clip). I now wear dresses and skirts, use minimal makeup and usually wear flip flops. Quite a change, eh? A somewhat recent photo:

Never mind the eyebags maleta. 😛 But can you see the difference from the old photos? Here I was wearing a cowl-neck lavender dress with a gray cardigan, and yeah some light makeup (just BB cream, powder, blush, tinted lip balm) too. A far cry from my college style, eh? I gotta say I miss my long hair though. 😐

I am only now trying to find my own sense of style. I do miss my edgy basta-na-tao look, but somehow I want to kinda soften that, make it a wee bit more age-appropriate feminine. Fashion blogs and online shopping sites (hello eBay!) provide inspiration, but I still want a look all my own, you know? It’s funny, most of my classmates and batchmates have by this time grown up and arrived to a style all their own while I am just beginning the transition and feeling awkward and clumsy about it to boot. Quarter-life crisis much?

I honestly dunno why I’m all fussing like this when I rarely even go out of the house. 😛 Haha.

6 thoughts on “Late bloomer much?

    1. Thanks sis! 😀 I miss my long hair too. Before I had it chopped off cut, it was even longer than that in the photo, reaching down past my bottom. It would take years and years again for it to grow that long again.

  1. Buti nga sis, maleta lang sayo. Akin, eye bagahe 🙂

    Yes, I love your long hair 🙂 Pero di ko kayang pahabain ang hair ko that long… dream ko na lang ang magkaron ng hair as long as that 🙂

  2. NOW I’m missing my somewhat long hair, too! Sometimes I tend to be too lazy to dress up, fix my hair or put something on my face. Basta-presentable look =)) I still don’t use powder that much since I tend to have more acne when I use one, but YES to mascara and lip balm!

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