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A Mother’s Nightmare

February 11, 2018

So Francine and I were at SM and we rode the bus going to the town plaza. Right after we alighted, I reached for something inside my bag and took my sight away from her for a second. And when I looked up, she’s not beside me anymore.

My heart beat triple time as I processed this horrific fact. Where could she have gone in such a short time? It seemed my feet had wings as I ran around the place looking for her. And as fear clutched my heart, tears ran down my face as I called out her name.

Eventually, I found my father and shaking with sobs, told him that Francine was missing. And then then he told me he took her to a nearby play place where she’s currently playing.

And then I woke up. Found my daughter beside the bed already bathed and dressed, smiling sweetly at me. All I could do was hug her tight.

I told her about my nightmare. After I finished, she hugged me and said, “I’m always right here Mommy.” And I wanted to cry. What did I do to deserve her?


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