Happy wife, happy life. That’s what they usually say. Well, about married couples anyway. So, am I a happy wife? Yes. Are we living a happy life? All things considered, yes. But.. is it really as simple as that?

Today is our third wedding monthsary. And to my chagrin, I only noticed earlier this evening. 😅 How about that? Obviously, we’re not the romantic types to go for celebrations for events like this. We’re happy just to be together, albeit far from our girl right now. We have been apart for far too long that simply being next to each other is already a huge thing.

video call togetherThis is us testing out the audio and video of Momi’s laptop.

Earlier, hubby went out for some errands without me (because my nocturnal ass was still sleeping). He came back with pizza and cheese-stuffed bread (which I craved for after seeing it on the TV some nights ago). I just fell in love all over again. 😍 That was unexpected, but really sweet of him.

Such is our life so far. Just about as ordinary as you can get with the quarantine and all, with sweet little moments like this sprinkled all throughout. I mean, who would have thought that I’d consider mundane stuff as bliss? Me, the ever-restless spirit. But I do; I really really do.

Like, those times when I’m baking cookies while he’s fixing the cabinet doors. It’s so utterly domestic, so old-school, you know? But I loved it. Because we’re doing our own stuff, but together. Like an old-time husband and wife from ages past. Yet it all still feels so fresh and new.


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