Because yes, technically I’m a blogger, but yes, I also live a damn boring life. I am your average person working during the day, and doing other errands while trying to live a little before I sleep. So what do I write about?

Truth is I have no idea. I wasn’t always this bored with life. I used to have passion and hobbies. And I guess I still do, but they’ve been with me so long that they’ve been relegated to the mundane. I am forever seeking new things, exciting things, and also forever just coming short of. Doesn’t stop me from still trying though, so that should count for something.

Update my life here? Thanks, but I have social media for that. And even there, I tend to read/observe more than post every little thing about my life. You may call me a serial liker, but I don’t comment much, usually only when I get annoyed. Because yeah, I’m still an antisocial person even on social media.

Besides which, I am a self-confessed introvert of the moody, brooding type. I only really open up in my comfort zones, otherwise my resting bitch face does the talking for me. I like to observe more than interact, and tend to avoid human contact unless abso-fucking-lutely necessary.

Which bring me back to my original question: What the hell will I write here? Do I even need a blog? No, I most definitely do not need one, much less two (here’s my other one), but I definitely want to maintain my two blogs. In a sense, they’re extensions of my headspace. And I will write and dump whatever brain farts I happen to want to harmlessly vent out here. So yeah, I’m kinda doing this for my sanity, a form of self-care if you wanna call it that.

Oh. So yeah, maybe I do need this blog after all.


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