So Francine and I were at SM and we rode the bus going to the town plaza. Right after we alighted, I reached for something inside my bag and took my sight away from her for a second. And when I looked up, she’s not beside me anymore.

My heart beat triple time as I processed this horrific fact. Where could she have gone in such a short time? It seemed my feet had wings as I ran around the place looking for her. And as fear clutched my heart, tears ran down my face as I called out her name.

Eventually, I found my father and shaking with sobs, told him that Francine was missing. And then then he told me he took her to a nearby play place where she’s currently playing.

And then I woke up. Found my daughter beside the bed already bathed and dressed, smiling sweetly at me. All I could do was hug her tight.

I told her about my nightmare. After I finished, she hugged me and said, “I’m always right here Mommy.” And I wanted to cry. What did I do to deserve her?


10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Nightmare

  1. Wow! I would be shaking also out of fear if I had that dream or if something like that happened to me and my kids. Good thing it was just a dream. I always remind my kids to stay close to me when we are in public places. I tell them that there are bad men and women who kidnap kids so they become more careful and obey me.

    1. True. It is so important to make the kids understand that when we’re out and about, they HAVE to stay with us because we never know when someone sinister might be lurking and just awaiting the opportunity to take them away. Paranoid tendencies, yes, but better safe than sorry, right?

  2. Your dream is intense. It’s sweet of your daughter to stay on your side when you wake up. That comfort and security is the most needed thing in our lives. Have happy dreams. 🙂

  3. That was a pretty intense dream. But I’ll tell you that it would be a worse feeling for sure if it happened in real life. I experienced the same thing in real life when we were in Disneyland a few years ago. You see, my husband’s father allowed us to also go on a ride and said that they will be the one to look for the kiddos while we were up there.

    What happened when we were done though is my worst nightmare as my dad in law said that my daughter was missing. I was trying not to panic, but really, it was pretty obvious I was panicking because we were in another country, how can I loose my child there?! in the end we found her with one of the green army guys in costume, and everything went well.

    But really, that sweet words of your girl melts my heart. such an angel! <3

    1. Oh my God, I dunno what I would have done in your place! In laws or no, that was a scary experience your family had (especially as you were out of the country at the time) and I hope we never have to go through the same thing. *shudders* I’m glad you found her safe.

  4. Those moments of utter terror are the worst for me. I’ve had dreams like this where I lost my child. I have 3 and have had dreams like this for all 3 of them. It’s so terrifying and the relief you feel is so overwhelming. It makes you realize what’s important. Not the cleanliness of our house or if our rules are followed. But their safety.

    1. So true. While moms really do nag about those little daily quibbles sometimes, at the end of the day, it is the kids’ safety that we really care most about. All thoughts of their mistakes and messes go out the window once the protective Mama Bear instincts kick into gear.

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