At all of five years old, my daughter is turning out to be a certified kikay. Which might explain why I was suddenly into all sorts of makeup back when I was pregnant and then lost all interest again after I gave birth. It must have been all her all along. 😀

See that picture above of her little hands with the tiny painted nails? That is a one-time deal I agreed to earlier as a concession to her fairy costume for tomorrow’s Halloween party. But you should have seen her light up when I was opening the bottle of nail polish. Her excitement was palpable and she couldn’t stop smiling all throughout. It was touching, really. Tugged right at my heartstrings with the pure joy of the moment.

Presenting, Exhibit B. This was taken last weekend while we were at our cousins’. She somehow got ahold of this lipstick and then proceeded to apply it on her lips. In fairness to her, she was able to do it quite neatly for a newbie; she was even able to follow the shape of her lips for the most part. Thing was, she didn’t want to eat dinner lest all the lipstick rub off. Or brush her teeth after. *facepalm* In the end, I had to tell her she needs to eat and brush her teeth and then apply lipstick again only after taking a bath the next morning. Geez.

Still on the topic of lipsticks, she wanted to wear black lipstick for her Halloween fairy costume. Being inclined towards dark, goth-like makeup myself, I dutifully got a tube for us. Thankfully, it only set me back P80. And it smelled sweet and fruity. Nice, eh? The finish was kinda sheer though, owing to it being of the glossy type instead of matte. But who am I to complain for that price anyway? ? Needless to say, the little girl was ecstatic when I showed it to her and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Smizing with black lipstick on. Of course, the little girl insisted she color her lips herself. ?

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