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This only works if you live outside the US.

It’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is ask them to remove the special offers. What, that simple? Yes! 😀 I opted to do just that via chat. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Log in to Amazon account and go to Amazon’s Contact Us page.
  2. In option/question 1 ‘What can we help you with?’, choose the tab ‘Amazon Devices and Kindle Apps’.Amazon Devices and Kindle Apps
  3. Choose the Kindle whose specials offers you want to remove. In my case, it was Nathalie’s Kindle 2.0.Choose Kindle with Special Offers
  4. In option 2 ‘Tell us more about your issue’, select ‘Kindle E-reader’ as the issue.Select issue
  5. Choose ‘Something else’ in the next drop-down menu.Select issue details
  6. Put in ‘Cancel Kindle special offers’ as short summary of issue.short summary of issue
  7. Select ‘Chat’ as your mode of contact.Choose Chat
  8. Type in a short initial message in the pop-up chat window, like so:Amazon ChatFor the sake of posterity, you may want to have the chat transcript emailed to you after. In that case, check the tick box below the message.
  9. Here’s how it went:Amazon removes Kindle Special Offers
  10. Once you receive confirmation that the special offers have been removed, sync then restart your Kindle. You should get the same pop-up notice:Kindle special offers removed

Congratulations, no more special offers! 😀

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