Just about perfect for a quick overnight stay…

I stayed here last weekend when I ran in the NatGeo Run 2016 at BGC – McKinley. This was the nearest hostel so I booked a bunk at one of the mixed dorm rooms.

I went for the bed nearest the A/C unit; there was an electrical socket there so I chose that over the one in the middle of the room initially offered to me. However, the mattress was sunk in the middle so I kept feeling like I’m falling. Haha.

That niggle aside, I was rather pretty comfy. The comfort/bathroom was relatively clean considering the dorm room was full and there were only two of us girls there. Someone left their soiled(?) brief on top of the trash can though, so I had no choice but to let it fall to the floor when I threw my trash in (sorry!). But that’s more of the occupants’ problem, not that management’s so I don’t hold that against the hostel.

I must say I love the roof deck. It’s a pretty good place to chill with beer or coffee (or Milo NUTRI-UP in my case) at night. It overlooks the Makati and BGC skylines and it’s all pretty awesome. The breeze was quite cool too, despite the infernal heat during the day.

All in all, I felt like I got good value for my money, meager though it was with the discount and all. I’d probably stay here again if I have another run in the BGC area.

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Note: This review was originally posted on Agoda.

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