…and his plane just took off, after half an hour delay. And it will be years again before we get together. And I already miss him. :'(

So thankful though for the four precious weeks we were together. He really made the time for me; we were together practically everyday after work. We spent most of the time eating, then just hanging out, walking around, laughing, and generally just enjoying each other’s company.

We became the quintessential good cop-bad cop parental tandem to Francine. And of course, he’s the good cop because he carried and goofed around with her, bought her the toys and Kinder Joy I wouldn’t buy for her. He was the enabler; I was the disciplinarian. Guess which one the kid would pick, hmm? But, I really don’t mind. At the end of the day, we’re still a unit, our family intact and glued together by love and laughter (and the occassional farting contests).

So it’ll be back to Hangouts again instead of text messages, choppy videos instead of local calls. But we’ll manage. We always do. Because it’s us and that’s that.

I love you so much daddyyah. 😘

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