So sooooo sorry for being MIA from this blog for so long. My offline life has been quite busy, and I only get to update my personal FB account. I obviously have at least a coupla backlogged posts. Anywho. To catch up, here’s one. Lookit this:

Would you believe I got these combat boots for just P150? This is some serious ukay find, I tell ya. There are signs of normal wear, but overall they’re still in pretty good condition. My crazy friend even sniffed out the inside of the boot and reported that there’s no smell, which is really good news. 😀

Same crazy friend found this first, and said she immediately thought of me when she saw this. I mean, I practically lived in my purple DMs since I got them so you get where she’s coming from. So she told me, and then we went together the next day to check it out. Turns out it was exactly my size so I guess it really was meant for me. 😉

Obviously they’re not DMs like the other pair I own, but they look damn close. Got the same sole and patterns, and upper material. In fact, if my DMs are Purple Spectra Patent, then this would be Gold Spectra Patent. They’re that alike. Even the soles look alike, although this one obviously doesn’t have the ‘The Original’ mark of the DM.

Still, it’s pretty comfortable to wear especially since unlike the DMs, it’s padded inside. The padding is already worn as could be expected, but only to the point that it’s comfortably broken in. Saved me some blistering from breaking boots in too. 😀

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my chance purchase. It’s not often that you find something really nice in ukay stores, so I guess I lucked out with this one. 🙂

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