The weather’s been fickle lately. Just the other day, it was all hot summer sunshine and today it’s been raining steadily harder as the night progresses. Crazy Philippine weather.

I took this photo last Thursday on the way home after driving Mama to work. It was quite early and obviously the road was deserted. That ray of sunshine peeking from the tree branches looked so pretty I just had to stop the car and take a photo. I like to think I gave the actual scene justice since the resulting photo looked as dreamy as what I saw in real life. 🙂

Unfortunately, no matter how much I like this photo, I have to say was a product of a very annoying hold-up at the highway earlier. We were there not moving for more than an hour! Not the most ideal scenario especially with a hyperactive toddler also trapped in the car. Turns out several power lines got entangled and dragged off by the top of a huge truck. When we passed by the accident area I saw that the power lines were propped up with ladders to keep them off the road. Geez.

Both photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5, enhanced in Snapseed and Instagram respectively and watermarked in LINE Camera. Because yes, I do all my shooting with my phone lately (tampo na malamang yung camera ko). Sue me.

splat siggy

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rain

    1. Thanks Rina! I am not a morning person by nature, so it makes me happy to capture a beautiful morning scene as a sort of reward for waking up early. 🙂

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