When I first started journaling, I favored those fancy diaries with locks because I was majorly obsessed with privacy. So much that I learned how to pick their locks and then threw out the keys. Seriously. Anywho, earlier I dug up an old journal which I used from 2001 until around 2003 or 2004. It was just a plain notebook where I wrote down my thoughts and what-not. And as it didn’t have any “safeguard” against prying eyes, I thought to put this right on the first page:


Of course, it would be for naught if someone opened the notebook right in the middle. But still. I felt pretty bad-ass that I thought of that. Teenagers.. 🙂

Anywho. At the back of the notebook journal were several obviously unsent letters to a coupla guys. And because I feel like embarrassing myself a little opening up a bit of my colorful teenage past, here’s one I wrote to my ex:


Let me reiterate that I never sent that letter and we never got back together (though he did try to make amends later on). But indeed, I was pretty broken up for a while there. Writing down that letter–even if I honestly had no intention of sending it–was pretty cathartic. Letting all those emotions out somehow did help in easing up my then burden. And that’s what journaling’s all about, right?


5 thoughts on “Of Old Diaries and Unsent Letters

  1. Awww! I loveeee journals! I have tons at home. I destroyed my love journal though, but I wish I didn’t because that journal contained pure thoughts and feelings of a hormone-triggered teenager. Lol!

    I dig your cover message! Haha! Neat. When I re read my old journals, I always smile or laugh even. I was a drama queen with a dark flair when I was younger, but I guess I can write better when I was young. Maybe because as an adult, my thoughts are often blurred with practical, boring adult stuff.

    1. I’m not sure where my other old diaries are now, but at least those are the ones with locks. 😀 Haha. I smile and laugh a lot while reading old journal entries too. I even find myself shaking my head at some point, not quite believing I did indeed write those things. Ahh, to be young and wild and free! 😉

      And I share your sentiment about writing better before. I used to be this angsty teenager who’s depressed with one reason or another and all that angst provided me with fodder for more creative thoughts and output, something which slips my grasp when I try nowadays. Oh well.

  2. Very nice sis! I remember buying those diaries with locks, I still have it in my study desk’s drawer at home. I just hope my mom dont get to read it! There’s always something about journal-ing that makes it so special, must be the hand-written thoughts and the emotions that go with it 🙂

    1. True. In fact, I’m planning to get a new notebook to use as a diary the next time I drop by National. 🙂 I miss manually putting down my thoughts into paper. As therapeutic as blogging is, there’s still something to be said about good old paper and ink. 😉

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