I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term agwanta, but it roughly means making do with the bare minimim or something lile that. Like, “agwanta na ko sa kape bilang agahan”.

Anywho, truth is I just couldn’t think of a suitable title for this post. Rather, for this photo screencap:


Francine wanted to talk to her Daddy earlier, but the network just won’t cooperate. So after half an hour of unsuccessfully trying to engage in a video call, I decided to just exchange photos with him. Dahil di makaya ng network ang video call, agwanta na picture picture muna. Hence, the screencap. 😉


10 thoughts on “Agwanta

  1. Agwanta…since I am also Batanguena, I’m very familiar with the word. What’s sad is that the word seems to have a certain liking for me too. Lagi na lang nag-aagwanta…kelangan ng pang-“ayuda.” =)

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