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INTPs are logical, individualistic, reserved, and very curious individuals. They focus on ideas, theories and the explanation of how things work. They are especially adept at discussions and debate. They have the ability to focus intently on a subject. They appreciate and respect intelligence in others.

Took the test here. Just to be sure, I tested myself twice. Got almost exactly the same results. So I guess that means that’s really me, huh? Let’s see. Here are the positive INTP traits (and my self-assessment):

  • Extremely imaginative, creative and ingenious – Maybe not extremely.
  • Tend to be highly intelligent – I’m really good at aptitude exams, does that count?
  • Observant – Sometimes, but it mostly depends upon the situation.
  • Generally laid-back and easy-going – True!
  • Usually go-getters – Only when I’m passionate about something.
  • The love and affection they feel for those close to them is often childlike in its purity – Maybe?
  • Enthusiastic in their approach to things that interest them – True.
  • Not personally threatened by conflict or criticism – Sorta, general opinions don’t really count for much with me.
  • Not demanding, have simple needs – Give me a corner, a cup of good coffee and my Kindle and I’m good.
  • Interested in how things can be improved or what they can be turned into – True. I think I make a better {editor} than writer sometimes. I do better building on ideas as opposed to starting up.
  • Great at analyzing problems, identifying patterns, and coming up with logical explanations/solutions – Sometimes, yeah.
  • Live primarily inside their mindsYes!
  • Always seeking a higher understanding – Only when I have time on my hands.
  • Value knowledge above all else – Not at all times.
  • Minds are constantly active, working to generate new theories or disprove existing ones – The constantly active part is right. I think it’s why I have difficulty sleeping sometimes.
  • Are questioning and skeptical of existing “rules” and popular opinions and define their own approaches – There’s my rebellious streak right there, about a mile wide.
  • Analytical, objective and theoretical – Can be, but mostly depends upon the situation.
  • Love new ideas and theories and discussing concepts with others – Only when talking to someone on the same level.
  • Have no desire to control others – Not even my own daughter. That’s me. Does that make me a hippie?
  • Very tolerant and flexible in most situations – I like to think I adapt well.
  • Have firmly held beliefs that they with staunchly stand up for – True.
  • Can be very shy when meeting new people, but are usually gregarious and confident around those they know well – This is SO me!
  • Base decisions on logic and objectivity – As much as I could help it.
  • Value the succinct, correct expression of ideas and facts – Very true. If it can be said in three words, don’t fucking bore me with four paragraphs of fluff.
  • Will not tailor what they believe to be the truth while expressing it to others – I like to say it as it is. My bluntness can either be a strength or weakness, depending on how you look at it.
  • Independent, unconventional and original – Proud to be!
  • Often brave and pioneering – Could be, I like venturing into the unknown to see for myself what is there.
  • Unlikely to strive for traditional goals such as popularity or security – I actually do, but it’s not a major thing for me.
  • Usually complex individuals – You said it.

And on the other hand, here are the negative INTP traits:

  • Can be restless and temperamental – Very!
  • Can be scatterbrained, disorganized, absent-minded – Again, very!
  • May seem dreamy and distant to others because of how much time they spend in their heads – Yeah, I may seem quite unreachable or aloof when I’m in a funk.
  • Not naturally in tune with the feelings of others – can be slow to respond to emotional needs – Yeah, I can be a cold bitch sometimes. What?
  • Not naturally good at expressing their feelings – I’m still learning how to.
  • Tendency to be suspicious and distrusting of others – Paranoid tendencies do seize me sometimes.
  • Not naturally good with practical, day-to-day matters – Yep, especially domestic matters. I don’t seem to be practical homemaker material. I need more practice.
  • Tendency to have difficulty leaving unhealthy relationships – Difficult indeed, but I did it so yey for me!
  • Tend to either ignore conflict situations or blow up in heated anger in response to them – That’s my passive-aggressive tendency right there.
  • Hate working on routine tasks – Not all the time though. Mindless routine lets my mind roam free while my hands are busy.
  • May be prone towards social rebellion – I do have this tiny problem with authority figures..
  • May be prone to feelings of over self-importance – Come on, who doesn’t feel selfish some of the time?
  • May become overly critical, sarcastic and cynical – True. I can wield words as weapons as finely as any samurai with a katana.
  • May need to work on expressing their well-developed theories in a way that is understandable to others – Speak in layman’s terms, you mean?

So there. Still reading? Why thank you for indulging my bout of narcissism! 😉

Seriously though. I kinda find it funny that I got an “Engineer” profile. It seems to be stuck. Way back senior high school when we took the CSAT (College Scholastic Aptitude Test, if I remember correctly) and bragging aside, I got a 99/100 score, my results pointed me towards an engineering college course. Dutifully, I took up ECE and though I finished the course and passed the Board, I never really felt that it was for me. But it seems to have come around and bit my ass anyway with this personality test. Coincidence or what?

How about you, what’s your personality type?

15 thoughts on “My Personality Type: INTP – The “Engineer”

  1. I got tested several years ago at my first job. I’m too scared to post my mbti type it describes me really well. It makes me feel vulnerable

    1. Really? I didn’t know they use this for job applications, but I suppose it can be useful.
      On the other hand I think I’m too much of a narcissist to feel vulnerable posting all these stuff here, with some shallow introspection to boot. 😛

      1. Yep, that exam is pretty accurate. I answered about 200 questions. I took it about 4 times din since I was first typed. Formally (with a psychologist) and online. I’m still typed the same.

        The negatives of ‘my type’ annoy most people and it doesn’t fit my job (at the time). 😐 Para daw akong nagsusulat with my less dominant hand. The skill set needed for the job doesn’t come naturally to me. Ouch. I was feeling incompetent then, yun pala, I was just not meant for it.

        Anyway, that test helped me a lot to mature. I think that’s the objective of the whole typing thing anyway, to know how to improve. Because I really had difficulty before.

        Haba lang ng kwento.

        1. Now you really got me curious as the proverbial cat! 😀 Haha. But I won’t pry, don’t worry.

          I thought at first that this is just one of those random online quizzes. Then I saw Carl Jung in the text somewhere and I was like, this stuff is real? And now I learn from you the HR of some companies use this in the screening/hiring process. Okay, I’m sold. 😛

          Random, but I tried to predict F’s personality type then persuaded him to take the test just to see if I assessed correctly. I did. I feel good about it. Haha.

          1. Yung samin before, more of, I was employed na. Meron lang fully functioning coach/mala-guidance counselor at work. Objective is to make us understand that people process information differently. Kapag magaling ka you might be able to type close friends, per “letter”. Scary when you know. For me at least.

        2. Hmmm. Now that you mention it, yes, this would be a good activity for corporate retreats or recollections. 🙂

          And yes, per letter ko nga na-predict yung magiging result ng test for F. 😀 In our case, I think it’s a good thing naman (given our relationship) na tama yung prediction ko kasi it means I really know him well.

          1. Ang kulet nga nyan e. Parang horoscope din, haha. Meron about INTP with an ****, what would you fight about, etc. In our case it’s true. Hahaha. I would much rather believe that over horoscopes. Trivia: We didn’t have any letter in common 😀

            Google for Myers-Briggs type indicator. Another name it goes by.

        3. Yeah, I read about MBTI too. Meron pa Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Pero related naman sila for the most part.

          Naalala ko nga horoscope profiling. Usong-uso Dati. 😀 In fairness to that, medyo swak naman sa kin yung traits ng Scorpio. Haha.

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