While blog hopping, I came across Fashion Eggplant by pretty Mommy Blogger Sarah Tirona. In one of her haul posts, I came across Tmart.com. I was like, whoa! There’s a ton of stuff in there and a lot of them are actually pretty affordable. And the best thing is the worldwide FREE shipping. Nice, right? 😀

So my inner shopaholic (who’s been dormant for some time now) reared her ugly head at the first sniff of opportunity. I had to wage an epic inner battle to control her. Seriously. As a consuelo de bobo compromise, I told her I’ll use the remaining P155 on my prepaid debit card if I find anything interesting that would fit the bill (pun intended). To my surprise, there were actually lots of trinkets that fit into my self-imposed budget. I had a really hard time choosing. But in the end I went for a coupla ear cuffs I’ve been eyeing from an eBay seller for some time now (which actually cost less at Tmart):

Punk Style Retro Personality Dragon-shaped Earrings Ancient Silver Retro Euro and American Punk Alloy Dragon Shaped Stud Earring Antique Bronze

My total bill amounted to P132.18–safely within my intended budget. Yey! I paid with my BPI ePrepaid card through Paypal in a quick, hassle-free transaction. The items should get here in a coupla weeks, fingers crossed. Will post again when they get here. 🙂

How about you, have you shopped at Tmart? What other online shops do you frequent?

15 thoughts on “Online Shopping at Tmart

  1. I ignored this site. I was a little turned off by the thumbnail photos resembling branded products, but when you click through, it’s different.

    1. There are knock-offs aplenty, yes. I noticed that too. But since I am not interested even in the original products, I’m cool with that. 😛 I am more interested in the trinkets and novelty items which are not available locally, or are cheaper.

        1. There aren’t any. 😛 But if you’re looking for DM knock-offs, look no further than your nearest SM department store. Last time I saw some 1460 knock-offs in several colors. I was like, thank God I got Pascal in an unusual color instead! 😀

  2. How long is the the shipping time? I also want to order stuff online internationally but I’m always afraid of customs and basic corruption. 🙁

    1. I haven’t received them yet, but according to Sarah (Fashion Eggplant), she got her package approximately two weeks after. Truth is I am pretty wary of customs and tax too, that’s why I got just a coupla trinkets as a sort of trial purchase. That way, it won’t really hurt me or my budget should it be stuck in customs or something, charge to experience na lang kung ganun. 😉

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