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  1. The table was so informative sis! I have accounts at three different banks you mentioned there and I always enjoy transacting with BPI the most because they are the most efficient. Oh, and I hate that they require a lot of stuff before you can apply for an account, I guess they are just overly cautious 🙂

    1. Thanks sis! 🙂 BPI Direct pretty much requires just the standard stuff too: 2 valid ID’s, utility/credit card bill and 1×1 photo. Only you gotta apply online first and wait for confirmation/approval before you could open an account, as opposed to just going straight up to the New Accounts section of the bank.

  2. Hi sis.. psbank is now offering a no initial deposit for kids right?ohh well,I am a BPI atm cardholder too.^_^
    and BPI service is good,expect atm machines are always offline during payday lol

    1. Just looked it up, PS Bank does have a Kiddie Savers Account with no maintaining balance and no minimum amount to earn interest. Hmmm… Interesting. 🙂 Will definitely keep this info for when Francine opens her own kiddie bank account. Hopefully mataas pa din interest rate nya. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up sis!

  3. hi sis! are you focused on savings account only? you might want to check Mutual funds or trust funds (I am liking the UITF product of BDO so far) for francine. they are more risky tools but i think she’ll enjoy the growth of her money when she is of age already given that she is still very young 🙂 that is just my suggestion. francine is very lucky to have a mom like you 🙂

    1. Thanks sis! 🙂 I am still kinda confused about investing, so I put her money in the bank for the meantime. I’m interested in COL Financial, but then there are mutual funds or trust funds or UITF and they make my head swim so I’m staying put and researching muna. 😛 Haha. Alin mas advisable for a beginner like me? I still have so much to learn about financial literacy…

      1. yup! you did the right thing din. dapat alam muna talaga yung investment product (lalo ang mga risk) bago pumasok 🙂 so far ngayon kasi i am enjoying yung UITF ng bdo. although high risk kasi siya (sa stocks kasi mainly yung pinili kong fund), pero dun kasi auto-debit ako sa bdo and pwede pa minimum of 1k per month. nagulat nalang ako sa 1 year nakaipon ako. so far nga lang since mababa ang market 6-7% ang natira sa gain ko pumalo yun ng 20% nung 1st quarter this year.pero gain parin yun sis! compared sa interest rate ng savings account.

        1. Yup, you can try UITF. Sa savings kasi, we get around 1-3 percent interest pero may final withholding tax pa na 20 percent. Inflation will eat away your savings (and if you read about fractional reserve, you will realize that the bank keeps only 18% of your deposit and pinapautang nila ang remainder at a much higher interest.Bank ang kumikita sa money mo. ) My first attempt at UITF was way back 2007 during the financial crisis. After five years, I got 46% ROI. Had I invested in Equity (I got balanced fund kasi takot pa ako noon sa risk), I would have doubled my money. Banks like BPI (where you opened your account) and BDO (practically lahat naman ata may UITF product) have that. You can choose to have auto-debit with BDO or magpasok ka na lang ng pera mo, sabihin mong you want to invest. Later, if you are much knowledgeable na in investment, you can try to directly invest in stocks (kasi UITF has fees din and you don’t really know where they invest in).

    2. ask ko po of kung ung pangalawang
      message po ba ng bpi is kailangan
      replyan pa? anu po ang ire reply?

  4. Hello po. Pwede po ba mag open ng bpi direct express teller savings sa kahit saang bpi branch? Or online lng po tlaga pwede mag open?

  5. Hello po. Pwede po ba mag open ng bpi direct express teller savings sa kahit saang bpi branch? Or online lng po tlaga pwede mag open?

  6. Hi. Where can I find the online application for BPI Direct Express Teller Savings Account? When I click the link you put in “here”, it doesn’t get me there. I appreciate the help. Tnx

    1. Thank you for the heads up, Vin! I’ve edited the link, but apparently, online application is now only for Time Deposit accounts, and only for existing Savings account holders at that. To apply for a Savings account, you must go to your nearest BPI branch or “branch of convenience” to fill up the application form and present the necessary documents. Hope that helps. 🙂

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