So I mentioned in a prior post that I made an invitation for Francine’s birthday celebration. Earlier, we also looked for some simple souvenirs or giveaways at the local dry market. I settled for a simple Minnie Mouse clip photo holder. For a personal touch, I opted to put tags too. The shop could have done the layout, but based from experience (what I’ve seen in the usual giveaways anyway) I had a feeling they’d do some mushy design which I probably would not like. Sorry, ako na nga ang maarte. 😛 Hence, I told them I’d do the layout for the tag and just send them the soft copy. In keeping with the minimalist black-white-fuchsia theme, I came up with this design:

Francine - giveaway tagWhatchatink? 😉

All these planning stuff with a theme/motif and all got me thinking. Last year, I wasn’t this actively involved in Francine’s first birthday. Mama did most, if not all of the planning. To think that is the momentous one instead of this. 😀 We had a bigger celebration then, yes. But it was really just a free-for-all buffet in the traditional barrio celebration. Parang fiestahan lang sa barrio ang peg, dagdagan mo lang ng birthday cake. 😛 Okay, so this year’s celebration is not exactly a party either with a program and all, just a scaled-down and more pulled-together version of last year’s celebration. Still, I am chuffed because there’s a theme and all and I call the shots this time. 😀

Anywho, I did the layout for the invitation then too:

Francine @ 1

Looking at it now, I find it kinda garish for my current taste. Well, the background color anyway. The resulting printed invitation was lighter so it was all good in the end. I used Corel PaintShop Pro X2 for this by the way. It has some nifty features which Adobe Photoshop does not have, like the über-fun Picture Tube that I frequently use for spicing up the otherwise plain background. 😉

The invitation layout for her Baptism was done in Corel too:

Francine Baptism

This one turned out too light when printed, so the background was almost white. Tsk. Damn photo developing studio.. 😐 I did the layout for the tarpaulin too, but I couldn’t find a soft copy so I could post it here. Oh well.

I may not be the most domestic Mommy, but in my own way I do my best for my daughter. This is what I’m good at, so I make best use of this skill for her. 🙂

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