Mama has been cleaning the room the whole day and inspired as such, I decided to help out a bit and do a light cleanup on my hard drive as well. I have a lot of movies downloaded from torrent and I tried to transfer some of them to my portable hard drive. Look:

I was like, what the fuck? But thankfully the transfer rate has bumped up a bit and now there’s just approximately 45 minutes left. Geez. The 13 hours nearly gave me a heart attack. 😛

Moving on, I am sure you have noticed that I have been obsessing about clothes these past few days. I just bought the BCBG cardigan and CREW military jacket from my other post plus another top from the same eBay seller, plus an argyle sweater for Mama (she really loves that pattern for some reason):

None of the items have made their way to me yet as I paid for all of them Friday afternoon and already some other items are tempting me into squandering yet more money. Two of the items from my other post are now discounted, making them even cheaper:

And I found a short-sleeved cardigan (what is it with me and cardigans lately?) which made my little heart beat faster just like the BCBG I just bought did. Look:

As if that’s not enough and my poor heart could take any more excitement and anticipation, I saw these fierce boots (in my size!) as well:

But no, I have no designs on the boots. I just find them awesome but have no intention of buying or pining after it. But if anyone reading this gifts me with such, I really would not mind at all. No, really. 😉 Haha.

Anywho, I have been reading up on fashion blogs as well now and in the course of doing so, I came across this helpful article from The Reluctant Stylista (click on the picture to read the entire article):

What she said rang true and gave me a fresh new perspective regarding clothes, fashion and style. And I love her style too! 😀 In fact my recent Polyvore set was inspired by her gorgeous red Doc Martens:

Ain’t it just fierce? Made me remember that combat boots are one of my lifetime fashion frustrations since I have no idea where to get ahold of a pair in my size. 😐

Anywho, been rambling long enough about my fixation for clothes and shoes. Thanks so much for taking the time to read all these (if you actually made it this far reading)! 🙂

Oh, and before I end this, here’s a pic of me and Papa a coupla months back:

Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers and single moms (who double as dads as well) out there! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cleanup + Fixation

  1. Ha! I can still see that you’re still into black! blackcardigan13 😛

    .. and yes, I read your entries, because I saw a fellow late bloomer and HHN lover (i haven’t gone into dealership though) 😛

    should probably make a review and link you.

    1. Yeah, I still am into black (apparently) but somehow I still prefer blackshirt13 to blackcardigan13. 😛 Haha.

      Late bloomers unite! Damn, we are so gonna make up for the lost time, right? 😉

  2. Clothes obsession <3 I was in the same situation before. Found myself on eBay and multiply's marketplace, but I haven't bought any clothes online YET. I don't know. I still prefer going into shops and trying on dresses before I buy them =))

  3. True. I want to try to online shop clothes, pero hanggang accessories pa lang ako. And diba sa UP walang uniform? Panic mode kapag nakakita ako ng person na same yung suot with what I’m wearing. Alam na na sa Trinoma galing =))

    1. Panic talaga? 😛 Haha. That’s the peril of wearing clothes from malls. Di talaga maiiwasan na me makapareho ka, unless one piece per stock lang yun damit and bihira naman ang shops na ganun. Kung finally nag-decide ka na bumili online, be careful din kasi madami scammers. Kaya sa eBay ako usually namimili kasi meron feedback system. It’s not perfectly fool-proof, but I at least get some assurance lalo kung maganda rating nung seller. Madami din naman new clothes dun kung ayaw mo ng used clothes. 😉

      *ang haba ng reply* 😀

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