I was browsing through Ukay Manila last night when I saw this gorgeous Pearl Gray Knitted Vest. Since the online store is a reputable one according to what I’ve read about it, and the piece is something I could actually wear and is dirt-cheap to boot, I decided to buy it. But when I tried adding it to my cart, look what happened:

I tried again several times with the same result. I tried putting other items on my cart and they worked just fine, except for another piece. How annoying. Since I was a hairbreadth short of desperate, I even emailed the stored why that is so, and that if still available, I still do want to purchase the vest. So far I have not received any response yet. 😐

Anywho, channeling my frustration I started looking for alternatives on eBay. I found not just cardigans/cover-ups, but some tops and dresses as well which caught my fancy. I ended up with 28 items on my watch list. 😀 However, not all of them are practical or wearable (at least for me) so I’m gonna show just the few pieces which I could actually wear. I wanna get at least one of these but I’m still undecided which since I like them all. Here they are:

I wanna get them all, but my mother would shoot me for spending so much again. 😛

So help me guys, which one should I get first? 😉

13 thoughts on “Frustration + Temptations

        1. Weather’s pretty hot in here and I work at home. But never mind. The jacket is just too irresistible to pass up so I got it na. Along with the BCBG cardigan and another top not included here. Mama would shoot me! 😛 Haha. Hopefully kasing lamig ng panahon last year ang later months this year para magamit ko ng husto. Keeping my fingers crossed. 😀

    1. Yeah, a shopaholic both online and off. 😛 I really gotta curb these impulses, I need to save up! But these items are really nice, eh? How can I resist? 😉

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