From the start of the year, I have been using an adapted version of the Alastair Method for my weeklies, that is, a weekly running log. I find it efficient and space-saving, perfect for someone like me who doesn’t really have a lot of things going on that need to be logged. I can’t sing enough praises to the people who thought this up.

week 3 running log

So why am I changing format now if it works so well for me?

Well, the ease with which tasks can be migrated to the next day/s turns out to be double-edged sword. In my case, it exacerbated my lazy day into becoming a lazy week. Ugh. Total productivity fail. Habit tracking went out the window, tasks were put off indefinitely and very little of importance actually got done at all.

running log fail

So much for bullet journaling to organize my life. I needed to get out of that rut so for this month I’m breaking the routine by using a more traditional layout. Yes, it would be more constricting than the format I used before, and yes, there would probably be a lot of wasted spaces in the process. But the thing is, putting off tasks for another day means rewriting that task over and over until it gets done. Which isn’t something that looks good on any journal, and not something I really want to bother with. So I’m pressuring myself to actually do the tasks I write down on time. Hopefully. Just to jumpstart my flagging BuJo mojo and get back into the productivity groove.

new bullet journal weekly layout

As to my new weekly layout, it’s pretty straightforward. Just seven (7) portions for each day of the week, with two (2) little boxes on the upper right corner for habit tracking. And yes, I opted for simple habits to track this week to ease the pressure of the new layout a little. Also to maximize the writing space for each day. I used of my new fountain pens to write the heading, then my Pigma Microns for all the rest of the texts. For the dividers, I used the mint green Soufflé gel pen and the same color highlighter to color the dates and days of the week.

So, how long will I be sticking to this new format? I have no idea. As long as it takes me to get my ass back up the productivity wagon, I guess? Or until I find another more suitable format. As it is, I’m already regretting doing this when I saw a certain spread on Pinterest, so maybe I’ll try that next week. Or maybe I’ll be back to using the running log format. We’ll see.


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4 thoughts on “New Weekly Format

  1. I love your handwriting! I suddenly miss high school when I used to make my notes beautiful. But in college, I was really lazy in writing- until now actually. Lol. I am not the type who would jot down notes or make a list of the things that I will buy. But I love lettering. I always wanted to have a notebook where I can do things like this. But I am too busy for that!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’m actually a very lazy writer for someone who’s such an avid user of the bullet journal. Just ask any of my former classmates. Lol.

  2. Very nice journal ideas of yours. I love typography & lettering too. Currently learning calligraphy, and I really amazed with your handwriting, so neat & pretty. wish my handwriting is as good as yours too. Hmm…Am gonna start my own journaling too. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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